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Europlate is a worldwide organisation of license plate hobbyists.

We collect, photograph, document, and research motor vehicle registration plates around the globe.

Our work is published in our quarterly printed Newsletter and in the Registration Plates of the World section of this website. Here's a free sample!


Europlate publishes four Newsletters per year. Each edition usually consists of 36 A4 pages. Print Members receive their copies by post. PDF Members receive their copies by email.

How to Join or Renew

Individual memberships include our quarterly newsletter (in print or PDF), unlimited access to Registration Plates of the World for one user, and the opportunity to participate in our Conventions.

Corporate members receive unlimited access to Registration Plates of the World for multiple users, but no printed newsletter.

Membership is payable on a calendar year basis. To join or renew, select the rate appropriate to you, in the table below.

Annual Membership Fees (just click the appropriate green button below to pay) :-
Location Individual Corporate
PDF Newsletter Print Newsletter
United Kingdom
North America
Middle East
Other World Areas
Central America
South America
New Members Only:
New Zealand

Europlate is pleased to offer one year's free Membership to New Members joining from Central America, South America, Africa or Asia. Members will receive the PDF version of the Quarterly Newsletter as well as all the privileges of Club Membership.

It is hoped that this initiative will broaden Europlate's diversity of Membership and increase the flow of information being shared about vehicle registration systems in these regions.

About Us

Europlate is the trading name of the European Registration Plate Association which was formed in 1972 to cater for those who collect, or are otherwise interested in, vehicle registration plates.

Registration Plates of the World, our flagship project, is our online reference guide. It includes details of all motor vehicle registration plates to be seen on the roads of the world today, and details of many older plates that are now obsolete. There are over 600 Countries and jurisdictions and over 40,000 photographs. Prior to going online, it was published in print from 1968 to 2004. Access is open only to Europlate members.

Europlate Membership is recommended for those interested in keeping up to date with all the latest information both in our Newsletters and via our online website.


Please feel free to contact us at

To address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have a Privacy Policy.

Officers and Committee

The following are the current officers and members of Europlate’s executive committee:

  • President: Alexander Kavka (Luxembourg)
  • Secretary: Ian Drake (U.K.)
  • Treasurer: Ian Drake (U.K.)
  • Editor: Antonio Barragán (Spain)
  • Member for U.K.: Vic Brumby (U.K.)
  • Member for Australasia: Chris Harris (Australia)
  • Member for Europe: John Weeks (U.K.)
  • Member for the Americas: Dave Fraser (Canada)
  • Webmaster: John Northup (U.S.A.)